Bodega Can Rubí


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Can Rubí 1912

Can Rubí 1912 wines are characterized by their quality, uniqueness and personality. Each of the wines in the range offers a unique experience to the palate. They stand out for their freshness, balance, intense aromas and fruity notes.

They are perfect to pair with a wide variety of foods, such as meats, pastas, sausages and cheeses. Can Rubí 1912 wines provide a complete and satisfying experience for lovers of good wine.

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The main characteristics of Voramar wines are their freshness, aromatic intensity and balance. Each wine in the range, be it Semi-Sweet White, Semi-Sweet Rosé or Red, offers a unique sensory experience.

Voramar wines stand out for their fruity aromas, their smooth palate and their versatility for pairing, which makes them an excellent choice to accompany a variety of dishes.

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The wines of the Alada line are characterized by their careful and manual production, highlighting the characteristics of each grape variety.

They are fresh, aromatic and balanced wines, with a combination of fruity and spicy notes that make them excellent companions to a variety of dishes.


Special Edition

The special edition shares a unique selection of high-quality wines. These wines stand out for their sophistication, elegance and distinctive character.

Each bottle represents oenological excellence and offers an exceptional sensory experience. Enjoy this exclusive collection and immerse yourself in the world of wine with style and distinction.

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La Mar de Bé

The La mar de bé wine line offers fresh, aromatic and balanced wines, such as the Sauvignon Blanc 2022 and the Malvasía 2022, ideal for pairing with a variety of dishes. There is also the Cuvée 2021, an intense and complex wine aged in French oak.

Enjoy these wines with pasta, white meats, fish, seafood and cheese, and serve them at the right temperature to appreciate their qualities.