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At Can Rubi, we are happy to present you a new addition to our wine catalogue: the Es Padri wine bottle in a one and a half liter magnum format! This is an exceptional opportunity to elevate your moments of enjoyment and share in style.

The Magnum Bottle: Double the Pleasure in Every Sip

Imagine a bottle of wine that is much more than just a bottle. Our new magnum format of one and a half liters of Es Padri wine is designed to provide you with a unique experience. Holding 1.5 liters, this bottle is twice the size of a standard bottle, allowing you to immerse yourself in a longer, richer flavor experience.

Perfect for Sharing Special Moments

Our magnum bottle of Es Padri is ideal for those occasions that deserve to be celebrated. Gather with friends and family to toast successes, achievements and unforgettable moments. Its majestic and distinctive presentation adds a touch of elegance to any event, ensuring that your celebration will be long remembered.

The Science of Flavor in the Magnum Bottle

Have you ever wondered why magnum bottles are so prized in the wine industry? The answer lies in the science behind the taste experience. The larger volume of the magnum bottle creates an environment in which the wine ages more slowly and evenly, allowing flavors and aromas to develop and blend in a perfect symphony. The result is a wine that offers exceptional complexity and depth.

The Price of Extraordinary Experience

While the quality of a wine is not based solely on the size of the bottle, it is true that magnum bottles are symbols of special wines and unique moments. Magnum bottle prices can vary depending on several factors, such as the region of production, type of wine, and winery. However, it is worth remembering that the price reflects both the experience the wine offers and its uniqueness.

Not Just a Bottle, But an Experience

The Es Padri magnum bottle is much more than a container. It is an invitation to discover and share exceptional moments. Each sip will immerse you in a story of flavor and tradition. Every toast will resonate with the joy and passion we put into each bottle.

We invite you to explore this exciting addition to our wine family. Come and discover the excellence of Es Padri in its new magnum format of one and a half liters and enjoy every drop of flavor and elegance!