Bodega Can Rubí

A Beautiful Sunday Morning

1. “Some human beings soften with age, like wine; but others turn sour, like vinegar.« H. C. Dowland.

2. «There exists in the terrestrial sphere an innumerable and nameless crowd whose sleep could not sleep the sorrows. “The wine writes songs and poems for them.” Charles Baudelaire.

3. “Wine washes away our concerns, rinses the soul to its core and ensures the healing of sadness.” Lucius Anneus Seneca.

4. “The older the wine is, the hotter it is: contrary to our nature, which the longer it lives, the colder it gets.” Félix Lope de Vega y Carpio.

5. “Wine sows poetry in hearts.” Dante Alighieri.

6. “In vino veritas.” Translation: “In the wine (is) the truth.” Pliny “the elder.”